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no one knows the truth

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Imtiaz Ahmed K.

Published on Sep 15, 2021

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"It's from the internet, so it must be true" Barack Obama, 1877

There are some people who have way too much faith in what other people say. But what you have to realize is no one knows what they're doing. If you blindly trust me, why do you? If you don't, that's fine. I don't know what I'm doing either.

I think the main reason behind this is people aren't taught to think. Like, truly think. Thinking hurts. Making any type of logic is painful. It's much easier to let others do that for you. And if they have been right enough times, maybe they'll never be wrong. It was truly baffling to me when I tried explaining something to someone and their response was "but x said y". It almost felt like they can't think. I'm usually very calm at explaining concepts in the simplest possible words but failing to make them comprehend this despite trying multiple times in different ways really frustrated me. They still kept saying the same thing "but x said y". Me explaining the nuances for why "y" carries a risk and hence should be avoided gets the same response again "but x said y".

Here's the thing, when you hear something from someone else, there's no gurantee that they're right. But more importantly, EVEN IF they are right, there is probably a deeper nuance to it that you might not understand, making it inapplicable for your situation. If you let others give you the conclusion, you will never get the best decisions because no one knows you as much as you do. No one in their right mind would tell me leaving my school and switching curriculums and giving A levels in one year would be a good idea. The only reason I knew it was a good idea was because I had collected the information, the pros, the cons and then reached the conclusion myself. If you try doing that, you might find yourself doubting your decision. And that's completely normal because no one really knows what they're doing. All you can do is try to take the best possible decision to have the best shot at life.

But there's probably a deeper underlying issue here. In society and school, we are not taught to challenge, we are not taught to doubt. We are taught to believe and learn and memorize. Whatever is present infront of us is true, whatever our teacher says is true, whatever our parents say is true. We are taught that there exists individuals who have it all figured it out, who know everything. But even the presidents of countries have no idea what they're doing. And why should you trust me when I say this? You shouldn't. Take everything with a grain of salt. Every word, every piece of information - there is no gurantee any of it is true. But if we truly know nothing, what do we do? We don't want to live in a world clueless, right?

Well, all you can do is start thinking. Learn to think. Learn to challenege every thought you find. Whatever you're told, is that true? What if it's not? What's the proof? Maybe it is true. But at least with this mindset, you've verified it's true and if anyone claims it's not and tries to explain why it's not, you'll be able to follow through because the logic makes sense to you now.

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills to excel, not just in the job sector but in every sphere of life. Don't trust anyone until you understand what's happening, what they're saying. Hold them accountable. Ask them to explain how something happens. Understand things in first principles. It'll hurt. Because thinking hurts. You'll get used to it but then it'll hurt when you go even deeper but you'll get used to it again. This perpetual cycle will keep on going but gradually you'll understand more and more.

The goal here isn't to make complete sense of the world. It's to get in the habit of thinking, questioning, understanding. Because it's very unreasonable to expect to make sense of the world. Because no one can do that. It'll probably hurt your head beyond comprehension to comprehend everything in the world. But if you get in the habit of making your head hurt, maybe you'll learn how to have basic critical thinking conversation with people. Maybe you'll be able to discover information and utilize them. Maybe you'll be able to achieve that goal because you can think enough to find a way. Hopefully one day this'll lead to greater things in your life. But for now I'll go and hurt my head more.

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